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The Changing Structure of Marketing in the Age of Disruption

Marketing team structures are changing, but a smorgasbord of new models is emerging as the industry is disrupted by new technologies. Marketers know their organisations need an overhaul, but many are struggling to formulate the new world order.

In this White Paper:

  • Learn how CEOs and chief marketing officers are restructuring their teams for success.
  • See where the CMO fits compared with the chief customer experience officer and the chief digital officer in the new hierarchy.
  • Read about how brands in Australia, the US and Britain are coping with the changing landscape.
  • Examine new models emerging as brands combine customer engagement with marketing and technological innovation.
  • Identify key trends reshaping marketing.

Lara Sinclair

Head of Content at Simple

Lara Sinclair has been writing about marketing for 20 years and is a former journalist and online Media editor for The Australian newspaper, editor of B&T and columnist for mad.co.uk.

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